Rejected Make unreleased Pokémon legal and add a contest mode

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Hisuian forms and alolan forms (and every Pokémon tagged under unreleased except maybe legendarys) should be legal we have 3d models we have 2d sprites for the hisui forms and all the moves that it can learn legally are there and it’s type is correct I mean it’s right there but we can’t use it and we’ve been teased with these for so long it’s been 1 year now maybe make a mode for these guys or maybe make them legal somewhere just please put them somewhere also there should be a mode for contests where you’re Pokémon fight others in a contest and you can change the stats (in this case cool tough beauty smart and cuteness) to what’s possible and when you make them shiny the cool stat moves and certain Pokémon’s cute and cool moves are boosted by 1 heart and also when you win to get more likes from the audience there’s a chance the judges
vote (they display hearts on your screen) for you and if you win enough you can get a cool satchel on your avatar with the colors that correspond with the contest types (red for cool black for tough yellow for beauty purple for smart and pink for cute) with a star in the middle and it’s shown on your Pokémon with a badge that has all the colors for the stats and the star and the amount of wins to get these is 400 hearts earned in 24 hours


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The unreleased Pokémon can already be used in Metronome Battle and Custom Game; they will not be added to our already-existing formats prior to being released in the games, and no special format will be made just for them.
As for the contests, sorry but no. Showdown is a battle simulator and the developpers' efforts primarily go towards maintaining our battle modes (which are the main focus of Smogon activity). Contests aren't in the plans and would probably be ignored by a large majority of our playerbase, so not really worth the trouble.
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